Though the odds be stacked against us, we will still prevail.


Okay, I get it, If you are in you mid 20s to 30s, you have most likely heard of the term, Millennial a.k.a. the entitled generation, somewhere in your life. Of all generations in America, there is one generation that has been given the least, and everything expected from it. With all this inequity, a person can either choose to sink in the dry sand, Or rise above and obtain sustenance from the trees above, like a giraffe, and thats what I hope to do, to empower this generation amidst all the odds stacked against us, from student indebtedness to impossibilities of mortgage acquisition and everything in between because...

We have been there, and it sucks.

But there is a silver lining.



A space for millennials, by millennials. To keep you in the loop and provide better alternatives for millennials, rather than the conventional ways.  

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